FUNDES Consulting


Small businesses have the potential to lead sustainable development in Latin America, improve the performance of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

FUNDES Consulting helps corporations, governments, and foundations identify, design, and implement opportunities to integrate small businesses into their strategy.

Our approaches

Intelligent insights: + -
Do you know the needs of your SME partners? Discover the patterns of who they are and what they need.
Business Strategy: + -
Whether your challenges are financial inclusion, last-mile sales, or getting a social license, we can help you develop the best strategy to align your business goals with purpose and positively impact communities.
On the ground program implementation: + -
We know where businesses are and what resonates with them, which enables us to translate strategies into practical results. We impart knowledge, best practices, and standards.

Our practices

Generation of economic development and equity
The FUNDES Consulting team offers its MSME partners seven practices to achieve impact and business results. A portfolio that can respond to specific objectives depending on the client’s needs can be combined to create a comprehensive offering.
First & Last Mile

We strengthen and professionalize productive and commercial units, integrating them into value chains.

Related capabilities
  • E-commerce
  • Geographic intelligence
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Empowerment

Transversal practices
Financial Inclusion

We close the gap in access to financial services for MSMEs to foster their growth.

Related capabilities
  • Access to financial services
  • Financial education
  • Elimination of bias
  • Non-financial services

Transversal practices

We create local economic development, employment, better incomes, and sustainable communities and value chains.

Related capabilities
  • Migrations
  • Employment and reactivation
  • Circular economy
  • Decarbonization
  • Tourism
Transversal practices


Meet our leaders

Yadira Kawasaki

Consultancy Manager

Mauricio Ramírez

Consultancy Manager

First Mile Procurement:

Do you already know how to speak the language of SMEs? At FUNDES, you will learn to connect with them to achieve real and lasting results.

Last-Mile Distribution:

SMEs are critical for reaching the end consumer. On average, they account for over 50% of FMCG sales in Latin America. Therefore, every optimization, improvement, and growth path goes through them, and we help you achieve this goal.

Financial Inclusion:

Millions of SMEs in Latin America are financially illiterate or underserved, and hundreds of products and fintechs have failed to address this problem. We promote access to financial services and close the financial inclusion gap.

Digital Inclusion:

The use and adoption of technology are now essential to ensure the continuity and success of SMEs. We bridge the technology gap for SMEs and help them adopt relevant technologies for their business.


A successful business needs harmony and a social license from neighboring communities. We create economic dynamism in specific regions or localities and promote local economic development.

Women SMEs:

The successful integration of women into the economy is key to development in the region. We promote women's economic empowerment through knowledge and business management.

Sustainable Business Strategy:

It is essential to develop positive economic, social, and environmental balance initiatives. We have extensive knowledge of sustainability and can help promote sustainable growth by modeling and designing valuable ecosystems.


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